Confocal Microscopy

at the Central Microscopy Facility
UMASS, Amherst

Prerequisites for confocal training and use. People seeking training and access to the confocal microscope need to first have a fundamental understanding of microscope optics, and be proficient with use of a high-end research microscope, fluorescence microscopy, and digital imaging. The confocal system is not a place for elementary microscopy training. Direct demonstration to the staff of a mastery of these skills will be required. Persons without this prerequisite experience will be required to undergo training and a period of successful work on the "conventional" (wide-field) fluorescence system (Nikon E600) before progressing to the Zeiss 510 META confocal system.
        Description of the Zeiss confocal system.  Confocal fees.

        Zeiss510 META - Laser and Optical Path Choices

         Instrument reservations.  

        Confocal user notes and responsibilities.
        For confocal system use or training sessions please contact the staff.

Download Zeiss Image Browser (free) to work with your LSM510 images.